Are YOU Struggling to Get Your IM Business Working? 

Let me show you how I overcame and built a 5 figure income in just 3 years

Hi and welcome friend,

If you are struggling I hope my story will inspire you & change your life

My name is Bernard Reilly and I live in Birmingham in the UK.

I got involved in Internet Marketing back in 2003 after purchasing an ebook called 'Google Cash' written by a guy called Chris Carpenter. I studied and took action, making some money pretty quickly. Which was great.

However Google implemented changes which killed that particular business model, so after about 2 years of hard work I had to start over.


That is when the real struggle began. 

Trying to find out which online marketing technique to implement next was a challenge. To be honest, I rejected most models as they were pretty spammy and in my view lacked the longevity I was looking for.

I ended up trying out a number of methods to make money online with mixed results. I had a go at everything including article marketing, blogging, Amazon, Clickbank and more.

Whilst I did generate some income nothing matched my earlier results. The truth is I was on a downer.

I was spending more money than I was making

Everytime I discovered something that worked, it seemed that some change would happen either with Google or Facebook that would kill that pot of Gold.

I guess most sensible people would have given up.

But I am not one to give up easily, so I kept investing in myself, reading, learning, and buying the latest courses and tools.

After a while I realized that I was spending a lot more money that I was making! It was depressing, frustrating and I was burnt out.

What made things worse was that my wife was fed up with the endless amount of time & money I was spending chasing the dream. Especially as I was not making any of it back.

It was time to stop & regroup. To take a long hard look in the mirror and think long and hard about my next move.

To my horror I concluded that we are all BEING CONNED

Some of you reading what comes next on my journey are about to have a massive breakthrough ....

.... are you ready?

After reflecting on my actions, where I had put my time, energy and hard earned cash I suddenly realized that the majority of IM is one huge Fugazi

What I mean is this. We all want the same things right? More time freedom and a ton of money. 

The Gurus know this &  just create an endless conveyor belt of products that feed that dream and no more. They are like crack dealers and we are the addicts constantly chasing the next big thing.


Which is why so many people involved in IM end up like me.

Burnt out, fed up with little or no results to show for the effort put in.

That's When I made the BIG decision that changed everything

I decided that I was not going to play the game anymore.


Sure I wanted to make money, but I was not prepared to continue being a victim or even worse become a predator, feeding on desperate people.

My goal was to genuinely help people to change their life whilst bringing some real value into the world.

Zig Ziglar put it like this “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

That was it, I was on a mission. No more selling, it was time to just start helping people. Which is exactly what I did.

3 Years Later I am Finally on Top

After searching I came across a business that met my new found criteria. Something I could do from home, in my own time using nothing but my laptop and mobile phone.

I have been able to help over 200 people, making a genuine difference to their life.

Connecting with the right business model, has created huge and rapid success for me. It has not only changed my life now, but is on target to allow me to retire 20 years earlier than planned whilst creating an amazing legacy for my children.

I have been able to travel more, drive a brand new (modest) car and have money in the bank.

I have a proper ethical business, with longevity that is even smashing it through the Covid pandemic.

Everything is better and I have a built something I can be proud of!

Is It Time for YOUR Breakthrough?

The thing about life is, that everything is pretty much a choice. You can decide wether you build a business that will create more money than you need or just be like the majority of the herd and live out a life of struggle.

Change nothing and nothing will change. If you are ready for your breakthrough, then reach out to me today. 

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There is no upsell, downsell and I do not send out sales emails ever!

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