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I Help Individuals Build Their Own Successful Business 

So I kept looking and in 2016 I uncovered a new way of making money. This was a complete paradigm shift for me as the business model is not a traditional J.O.B (btw this stands for Just Over Broke).

I really love my new life. I am far more relaxed, making a real difference to peoples lives and am part of a multi-award winning UK company.

My part-time income easily beats what I made full time, plus I am creating an amazing passive income stream which takes care of my families future.

Come & Join Me

I am building one of the fasted growing teams in my company and would love to hear from you if you are ready for a change

Call me now on 0794 135 4719 to find out more.


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Maybe you need one or more of the following


- Additional Income Option

- Better Retirement Plan

- Less Stress

- More Time Freedom

- The Money to Pursue Your Passion

My name is Bernard Reilly and I am a small business owner and professional DJ. I started my own business back in 2009 after resigning from the Corporate world.

I was doing really well, but realized I had no time for my kids as I worked long hours. In fact my whole quality of life was poor, mainly because when I was not working I was too tired to do anything else.

So, I decided to make a change and started my own small marketing agency. We created branding, websites, videos etc for small businesses. Great fun! This was definitely an improvement but also came with a bunch of challenges.

For example when you have your own business you can't really take a holiday or get sick.

Change Nothing & Nothing Changes






0794 135 4719

Bizspace Business Park, Kings Road, BIRMINGHAM B11 2AL


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